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“For Those who read this Review Look NO!!! further when it comes on needing the Best Personal Injury **Super Lawyer** 10yr plus years in a Row. To represent you to the fullest and Works tirelessly to get me the best Top Dollar settlement possible. Rick Baskin is your man, He cuts No corners works aggressively For you, Cares a whole lot for your well being and gets you the Best Quality care you need.Ive referred other clients to Rick and the all of them gave him 5 stars*****  thank you again Rick ”

—7/1/2016 · Francisco P., Hayward, CA

“Rick did a great job on my personal injury case, obtaining a settlement for injuries resulting from a bicycle accident. Rick was great to work with, for example preparing me for an interview with the insurance company's representative by doing a "run-through" of the accident. His office handled all the details very efficiently, leaving me just to provide them with information.”

—5/17/2016 · Alan W., Oakland, CA

“I was referred to Rick by a good friend who is a lawyer and I am forever grateful. I was involved in an accident while being a passenger in a cab in Las Vegas. The cab driver was needlessly speeding and hit another motorist. I ended up with part of my arm missing, glass and tar embedded in my body and was in an enormous amount of pain.

Rick took the time to listen to my story. He could see the obvious pain externally I was feeling but also sympathized with the internal pain I was having as well.

Rick was available when I needed him and he always treated me like we are friends with caring and compassion.

The cab company was the largest in Las Vegas. Rick did his homework and got the best experts in their respective fields to work with us and review our case. Rick helped me put my case together with voluminous documentation. He walked me through the process and decision making points to plan out our strategy. The case Rick presented was fairly open and shut by the time we got to arbitration. Rick helped me get satisfaction from the cab company and its owners.

I don't wish my experience on anyone but I highly recommend Rick to anyone needing an attorney for a personal injury case.”

—5/30/2015 · Gary G., Walnut Creek, CA

“From the moment Mr. Baskin, (Rick) accepted my case, he made it clear wewere partners through the resolution process. He valued my time and wasalways readily accessible. He worked tirelessly to get me the bestsettlement possible. He is genuine, sincere and committed to what he does. He is a humanitarian and a real pleasure to have had as my attorney.”

—5/21/2015 · Gregory B., Oakland, CA

“Richard handled my bike injury case with dedication, and professionalism. He placed my wellness in the priority and presented my grievance well during the negotiation. I received my fair compensation as a result. I highly recommend Richard to anyone who needs an injury attorney.”

—11/27/2014 · Jeng T, Alameda, CA

“Rick handled my personal injury case and I cannot say enough good things about him. He is aggressive in his work to get the most positive outcome for his clients. He is professional and yet he has a way of getting to know you as a person. I am not an Ivy League college a matter of fact I live in a fairly poor area. Yet Rick always treated me like I matter too. He was not once judgmental or less willing to work hard fir me just because of my social standing. He is an AMAZING attorney and an even more AMAZING human being. I would recommend him to anyone that needs quality representation. Thank you Rick...for everything!!!”

—10/15/2014 · Dorie S, Vallejo, CA

“Rick is an excellent lawyer and a very kind individual. He handled my case when I was in a serious automobile accident. He was very professional, always available for questions I had along the way and realistically spelled out the timeline and other aspects of resolving my case. He helped make a difficult situation much easier than it might have been due to his warmth, humor and experience as an attorney. His staff was also always friendly and helpful as well. I would highly recommend Rick.”

—3/30/2014 · L E., San Rafael, CA

“Rick Baskin was referred to me by a friend after I had been struck by a vehicle while in a crosswalk and suffered a TBI. She told me that Rick was the kind of attorney that would fight for me and get me the help I needed. She was right! Rick was able to find experts to help me through the long process of recovery and helped me stay focused on my treatments. Rick was always easy to reach and kept in touch with me with each step of my case. I felt like he truly cared about me as a person and wanted the best for me. I highly recommend calling Rick to assist in any type of personal injury case.”

—12/03/2013 · Stephanie N., San Rafael, CA

“Rick handled my bike accident case a couple years ago! He was always available, friendly, helpful and professional! I could not have asked for better representation. You can tell that he really cares about and for his clients. We were attorney and client and are now good friends!”

—12/02/2013 · Jerry W., Walnut Creek, CA

“Mr. Richard Baskin is very honest and knowledgeable about his job as an attorney and shows a high level of integrity as a person. He is very punctual and precise when it comes down to fulfilling his duties as a leader and team player. I give him an A plus and recommend him highly for any job as an attorney and loyal confidant. If you want the best, Richard Baskin passes the test, so forget about the rest because Richard Baskin, Attorney at Law, will execute the case correct.”

—11/20/2013 · Levine L., Oakland, CA

“As an attorney, I often hesitate to refer friends or clients to other attorneys in areas of law I do not practice. I know the standards I apply to myself and the cases I handle. I do not have the same information for or confidence in others practice of law.

Rick is an exception to this rule. I have referred several clients to him. I am confident he will provide them the representation I would give. He is up to date with the law. He is a zealous advocate for his clients. He communicates with his clients and responds to the questions and concerns. Rick is also honest, he does not give false hopes or pursue frivolous cases.

I can say with complete honesty that I would have Rick handle any personal injury need I or my family members required. ”

—11/08/2013 · Kim B., Dublin, CA

“I had an employee hurt after hours when riding his bike. The injury caused him to break his wrist, and required an operation. Mr. Baskin was contacted and the employee was able to have all concerns and attention needed because of Mr. Baskin. Would highlyrecommend this attorney.”

—03/26/2011 · Mark R., Oakland, CA

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